Blood Donation

The founding father of Transport Corporation of India Limited Mr P.D. Agarwal was also the founding father of private blood bank in India. His vision to setup private blood bank was to lessen the burden of government facilities as well as to reach the unreached people to save their lives in critical situations. The next generations have taken this initiative forward as a legacy for human values.

Despite the increase in the number of donors, blood remains in short supply during emergencies, mainly attributed to the lack of information and accessibility. TCI Foundation believe that this application can overcome most of these challenges by effectively connecting the blood donors with the blood recipients.

Blood Doanation
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Blood Donation FAQs

Is Blood Donation Safe ?

Blood Donation
Blood donation is safe and simple process, takes approximately 10-15 minutes. Any healthy adult between 18 years and 60 years of age can donate blood. One can save up to 3 to 4 precious lives by donating blood. One can walk to a reputed and safe blood donation centre or camp organized by TCI Foundation.

Whats it the Blood Donation Process?

Blood Donation Process

  • You may be asked to fill out a short form to answer queries related to your general health.
  • Physical examination by the designated medical and para medical staff.
  • If found fit, you will be allowed to donate blood. Approximately 350ml blood may be collected in one donation.
  • You will served light snack and refreshment drink.
  • You may require few minutes rest.

What are Blood Groups?

Blood Groups

In humans there are two types of blood groups namely ABO-grouping and Rh-grouping. The ABO group has four categories namely

(a) A group
(b) B group
(c) O group
(d) AB group

The individual may be Rh- Negative or Rh- Positive. Thus blood group of any individual may be in any one of the following groups.

(i) A positive or A negative
(ii) B positive or B negative
(iii) O positive or O negative
(iv) AB positive or AB negative

What is a Universal Donors?

Universal Donors
Type O individuals are called "universal donors" as their blood can be transfused into persons with any blood type. Those with type AB blood are called "universal recipients" because they can receive blood of any type.

What is Blood Donation Eligibility?

Blood Donation Eligibility

(a) Between the age-group of 18-60 years.
(b) Weight should be 45 kgs or above.
(c) Minimum hemoglobin 12.5 gm%
(d) Last blood donation should be 3 or more months earlier.
(e) Healthy and have not suffered from malaria, typhoid or other transmissible disease in the recent past.

What is Blood Donation Ineligibility?

Blood Donation Ineligibility

(a) Cold/fever in the past 1 week.
(b) Under treatment with antibiotics or any other medication.
(c) Cardiac problems, hypertension, epilepsy, diabetes (on insulin therapy), history of cancer, chronic kidney or liver disease, bleeding tendencies, venereal disease etc.
(d) Major surgery in the last 6 months.
(e) Vaccination in the last 24 hours.
(f) Miscarriage in the last 6 months or have been pregnant/lactating in the last one year.
(g) Fainting attacks during last blood donation.
(h) Regularly received treatment with blood products.
(i) Shared a needle to inject drugs/history of drug addiction.
(j) Sexual relations with different partners or with a high risk individual(s).
(k) Tested positive for HIV

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