Transystem Educational Grant-in-Aid

Transystem Educational Grant-in-Aid

Transystem Educational Grant-in-Aid was initiated with an aim to award the grant to students who are good at study or sports and belongs to economical weaker section, studying in TCI-DAV school, Jamhar Distt. Khunti, Jharkhand. The Grant-in-Aid is awarded for three category of aspirants from class III to X.

A. Meritorious students amongst economical weaker section;
B. Students showing excellence in sports; and
C. Students having more than two siblings studying in TCI-DAV Public School, and belongs to economical weaker section. A committee comprising of representative from TCI Foundation, Headmaster, Physical Education Teacher, Parents Representative, Teachers Representative and two local representative selects the deserving and competent students for educational grant-in-aid. Grant-in-aid announcement by the school The selection committee identify and certify the aspirant in each class those truly belongs to economically weaker section, by adopting the process of personal visit to their homes, feedback from villagers and certification by Village Head/Mukhiya. The nominated aspirant in suitable educational grant-in-aid category appear in competitive exam/sports trials. Based on the result in competition, candidates are shortlisted by the selection committee. Written consent/acceptance of educational grant-in-aid from the parent/guardian of each selected candidate are taken.

Extent of Award

Category A – Class wise (class III to X) written competitive examination is conducted for testing the knowledge level and awareness of students, Selected students are awarded financial support equivalent to 100% of school fees.

Category B – Age Group Sports Selection Trials are organized amongst identified students, top performers are awarded Educational Grant-in-Aid of 100% or 50% of school fees.

Category C- Class wise, potential candidates producing the original documents of three siblings studying in TCI-DAV school are awarded educational Grant-in – Aid of 50% school fee for any one among the three.

Life at TCIF

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