Message From CMD

Dear Friends,

It is my proud privilege to launch the new website of TCI Foundation. It is comprised of all informations related to the projects being managed by the Foundation for wellbeing of our citizens across India.

TCI Foundation is teaming up with likeminded partners around the world to change the lives to its best. Though it is a tough challenge, but within the limitation and resources our dedicated team works day and night to realize this goal.

The Foundation works in coherence with the Millennium Sustainable Development Goals (MSDGs) enacted by the United Nations (UN). We understand that our contribution in the sea of global goals may be a small contribution, but we are confident that this contribution will be the part of global achievement.

I acknowledge the advancement in science, technology and research, which has impacted our lives; I feel that we must make us of the benefits of this advancement in our projects to make lives of our fellow citizens healthy, prosperous and meaningful on this planet.

TCI Group employees have played an important role in continuing the legacy of TCI Foundation and in realizing the goals. I personally feel that the changes you have brought in the lives of Indian citizens are commendable and I congratulate you all. You are the successors and guardians of TCI Foundation Trust its vision and mission to make the lives better for all. I hope you are proud of our Group which thinks beyond business and strives hard to reach to the unreached citizens of our nation.

Chairman & Managing Director
Transport Corporation of India Limited



Life at TCIF

TCI Foundation a family of more than 500 professionals, including Medical Doctors, Social Scientists, Educationists, Counsellors, Technicians and Outreach Members. We work with number of partners in India and abroad. We are guided by the ethics to bring equality and better life for all, wherever they live.