Gender Equality & Women Empowerment

Handloom Weavers’ Programme

Jharkhand state is not only rich in natural resources and minerals but also has enormous cultural heritage. In spite of rapid growth and development in all sectors, the tribal culture is still well preserved in the state. TCI Foundation respects and values the diverse cultures existing in the state and contributes widely towards revival of the tribal culture which is one of its kind in the world. 

TCI Foundation in collaboration with the Government of Jharkhand undertaking JHARKRAFT has initiated the handloom weavers’ program at TCI Foundation SDC with a mission to change lives through creation of new opportunities that would effectively, efficiently and positively affect the lives of a large number of tribal and underprivileged communities across the state. Special emphasis is given to include maximum numbers of women to enhance their financial and social status in the community.

Life at TCIF

TCI Foundation a family of more than 500 professionals, including Medical Doctors, Social Scientists, Educationists, Counsellors, Technicians and Outreach Members. We work with number of partners in India and abroad. We are guided by the ethics to bring equality and better life for all, wherever they live.